GRÜNSPECHT Naturprodukte

As close to nature as possible – this is what we demand of our products. In the GRÜNSPECHT range you will find all kinds of useful and exciting products not only for your baby but for adults too. We take special care to manufacture our products using high-quality natural materials and processing which conserves resources.

In our range you will find a large selection of heated products stuffed with natural filler materials such as cherry pits, rapeseed, grape seed or linseed. A brand new addition are our organic hot water bottles made from natural rubber with a soft, cuddly outer cover. Delve deeper and discover our natural products for babies. We offer an extensive range of products for: teething and soothing, care and hygiene, clothing and toys – the full care package for a happy baby.

Discover our latest products!

Organic teething animal

Made of natural rubber for playing and teething

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Organic animal toy

To support teething babies in the natural teething process

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Natural finger toothbrush

To gently clean the teeth and massage the gums of babies/small children, adults and those in need of care

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Organic soft playdough

With our bio soft clay, the little ones can let off steam creatively and create their own works of art

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Organic finger paints

With the organic finger paints the little ones can have great fun being creative, painting, mixing and messing around

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Muslin nappies, green

Indispensable help in all sorts of situations – whether as a burping cloth, underlay or blanket for warm summer nights

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