The GRÜNSPECHT brand represents a comprehensive range of natural products for babies, children and adults.

We think naturally: from the idea right up to the fi nished product. For more than 20 years we have remained true to our motto “as naturally as possible”. We value short transportation routes and local production. We prefer to manufacture here. Made in Germany. And, best of all, we value goods produced by the disabled. Because we take our social responsibility seriously. Our continuous quality management is very dear to our heart. All the same, there’s always room for improvement. We’re constantly working on it. Because top quality for a fair price is the demand we set on ourselves – for natural thinkers!

Do you know our second brand ELANEE?

ELANEE focuses on Women. Health problems can arise in many areas of women’s lives. ELANEE offers solutions during pregnancy, nursing, menopause and for all areas of intimate health. Our products will help you to identify your problems, treat them in the best way and ensure timely prevention of further issues.