Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Do you have questions about our products? Our frequently asked questions may help you! If you can not find an answer to your question, please contact us. We are happy to take care of your request.

Warming products

Almost all GRÜNSPECHT heat pillows with natural filling materials can be heated either in a microwave or in an oven. The exact heating instructions can be found in the instructions for use.

That depends on the temperature of the pillow after heating, as well as the ambient temperature. The type of filling material also influences the heat storage. Essentially, fine-grained fillings store heat for slightly longer than coarser fi lling materials.

Natural filling materials are also suitable for cold applications. The GRÜNSPECHT range includes some standard cherry stone pillows which are particularly suitable for cold applications. The cooling process is very simple, just put the pillow in the freezer in a plastic bag.

Our products can be used for general feelings of coldness and, more specifi cally, as a form of heat therapy for the targeted easing of the body’s aches and pains.

typical application areas as a warmer for the following complaints: Stomach ache / stomach cramps, constipation / fl atulence, coldness, chronic bronchitis, rheumatic complaints, muscle pains, muscle stiffness, neck tensions, back pain, menstruation complaints.

Only to be used with appropriate medical products as part of heat / cold therapy. Please pay attention to the relevant instructions for use.

Typical application areas for coolers: Headaches / migraine, joint infl ammations and stiffening, insect bites, bruises, strains, sprains.

Only to be used with appropriate medical products as part of heat / cold therapy. Please pay attention to the relevant instructions for use.

If the product has a removable cover, this can be machine washed at 30°C. Please pay attention to the care symbols on the product. In order to avoid the formation of rot / mould, do not wash heat pillows which are filled with a natural fi lling! Store products in a dry place, and protect from humidity.

Care & Hygiene

Nowadays, most wet wipes for babies are perfumed. Finding fragrance-free care products is not that easy, but a baby’s skin really only needs water for cleaning and general care in the first few months as it is so sensitive and easily prone to skin irritation. Preservatives, fragrances and colouring agents really should not come into contact with sensitive skin.

By using our organic care wipes/nappy liners, it’s so easy for you to make your own wet wipes. This also means that you will always know what is in your wet wipes and you don’t need to worry at all about any dubious or allergenic ingredients!

The cellulose liner is particularly tear-resistant in comparison with standard kitchen paper and this makes it ideal for making your own wet wipes.
To do this you can cut the individual cloths to the size you want or use them whole. Simply put the cloths into a bowl with boiled, cooled water. Leave them to soak for a short time and then they are ready! If you want to, you can mix a little bit of oil (coconut, olive, almond) with the warm water beforehand. We recommend that you add approx. one teaspoonful to 250 ml water.

Environmental tip: It is not just our organic care wipes/nappy liners which are ideal for making wet wipes. You can also use our small cotton muslin cloths. The cloths are 30 x 30 cm and can be simply washed in the washing machine after use.

If the sheet size of the organic care wipe/nappy liner is not right for your child or nappy system, then please cut the sheets up to suit your requirements. The perforations are only there as a guide. You can easily use two sheets or cut the liner up to suit your needs.