Our natural filling material

The effects of heat and cold are recognised among the basic forces of nature, which have a positive effect on health. Heat and cold therapy is used to achieve a healing effect. Products containing natural filling materials, such as cherry, grape, rape and flax seed pillows, rape seed pillows or flax seed pillows, are traditionally used for soothing heat and cold therapy because the filling material is able to retain both heat and cold very well, and to release them evenly.

Cherry Stones

Grape seeds

Rape seeds

Flax seeds

Cherry stones can absorb heat and cold very well and release it again slowly. This makes them perfect for heat and cold applications. Thanks to their size, they have a pleasant massaging effect. The cherry stone pillow is a classic product in our range of warming products.

Grape seeds are considerably smaller than cherry stones, and adapt very well to individual body shapes. The movement of the seeds has an appreciable and pleasant massaging effect on the skin. Grape seeds can be heated very quickly, and can continue to emit heat for a long period of time. This makes them perfect for heat applications. When heated, they emit a pleasant, light grape aroma.

Rape seeds are small and round, and very supple. The fine-grained seeds ensure a high level of flexibility for heat pillows. Rape seeds are known for their long-term heat storage. They are therefore ideal for specific heat applications.

Flax seeds are small and flat, and have a very smooth surface. Thanks to the particular fineness of the seeds, they mould perfectly to the corresponding area of the body. They are therefore especially suitable for heat pillows for babies and children. Just like rape seeds, they have a long-term heat storage capacity.