Hot Water Bottles

Organic Hot Water Bottles with 100 % cotton (organic) covers

The new Organic Hot Water Bottle series made of natural rubber is very much dedicated to naturalness and is thus a wonderful addition to our warming products. They generate comforting warmth and therefore encourage relaxation – both for children and adults. The soft, washable cover of 100 % cotton from controlled organic farms enables an especially pleasant application. The two sizes and the differet covers let every age group find the right Hot Water Bottle. Say farewell to cold days and worries!

100 % safe

Not only do the organic hot water bottles have trendy colours, they also guarantee safe use. They are manufactured in accordance with the high quality standard BS 1970:2012. This involves a recognised British safety standard for rubber and PVC hot water bottles.

100 % natural rubber

Unlike conventional hot water bottles, our organic hot water bottle is made of natural rubber from the hevea tree. This is a renewable raw material, making our organic hot water bottle a natural alternative compared to synthetic petroleum products.

100 % cotton (organic)

The covers are 100% cotton from controlled organic farms. The cotton is produced according to the guidelines of organic farming which forbids the use of chemical pesticides and fertilisers.