We do business according to the following principles:

1. Fair and trustworthy cooperation with suppliers, customers and employees is important to us. We only accept contracts which we can fulfil in the proper way, satisfying all parties.

2. We aim to do business in a way which saves resources, as far as is possible and sensible. For us, this is not expressed through advertising, but above all through our conduct as far as, for example, waste, waste water, packaging and transport routes are concerned.

3. We manufacture our products in Germany, as far as possible. If something cannot be manufactured in Germany for various reasons, it is manufactured in Europe. If it not possible to manufacture in Europe, we will look for suitable suppliers worldwide. Some products can only be manufactured in Asia because the industries no longer exist in Germany or Europe. Sometimes, manufacturing in Germany is so expensive that it would render it impossible to provide the product at a reasonable price. So we always try to find a balance. We always check our suppliers against the essential social standards, wage level, working hours and child labour.

4. When selecting our materials we take special care to use natural, renewable resources. Where this is not possible we select materials with the best eco-balance to make a product both functional and feasible.

5. We take responsibility for the safety of our products. If you produce children’s products, you have to act responsibly. We voluntarily have our safety-related products tested and use materials which are safe for babies and children. We actively work to improve the safety of our products and do not simply react to standards and regulations.

Quality is a very important aspect of our work. But wherever people work, mistakes are inevitable. We want to learn from our mistakes and use them to develop further. That’s why we’re grateful for all suggestions for improvement. Companies can only be sustainable and successful in the long-term if they have satisfied customers, suppliers and employees.