Our Quality Standard

We guarantee our customers impeccable quality through high-quality natural materials, careful craftsmanship and thorough product checks!


Our Logos

We use a range of logos which attest to a certain standard of quality. To find out which standards apply to which products, check the respective product description.

As a manufacturer of medical products, we are inspected regularly – from the design right up to the fi nished article. And that’s good! Our continuous quality management is very dear to our heart. All the same, there’s always room for improvement. We’re constantly working on it. Because top quality for a fair price is the high demand we set on ourselves. These quality standards mean that our company is certified for its medical products in accordance with ISO 13485.  Find out more information here.

The Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® (Class 1) is one of the hightest textile standards in the world and imposes extremely high standards with regard to pollution. Alll of our OEKO-TEX®-certified products bear the official logo. Find out more information here.

We place great importance on manufacturing our products in an ecological and socially responsible way. For this reason, in 2016 we selected a range of products and had these certified in accordance with the Global Organic Textile Standard. All of the products that meet this standard are labelled with the official GOTS logo and our licence number. Find out more information about GOTS here.

In general, when selecting our materials we take special care to use natural, renewable resources with the best eco-balance. However, in our traditional range we also use materials such as polyester for example, as this is the sensible choice for many practical suitable for many applications (e.g. durability). Products that currently use the best materials from a sustainability point of view bear our own logo: “Pure nature”. Products labelled with this logo feature descriptions (under the heading “Materials & Care”) which cover the topics of “Manufacturing”, “Usage”, “Durability” and “Disposal” in detail in order to make the logo more transparent for you.

Why search in faraway places when everything is on our doorstep? We value short transportation routes and local production. We prefer to manufacture here. Made in Germany. All of our products Made in Germany bear our logo.

If ever production in Germany is not possible, we first look for suppliers in other European countries. In this case our products bear the logo: “Made in Europe”. Only when we are unable to find suppliers in Europe do we search the globe for suitable suppliers. This may be due to industry sectors no longer existing in Germany or Europe, or the fact that manufacturing costs are too high for us to be able to offer our products at a reasonable price.

We work closely with a number of regional workshops for people with disabilities. Because we take our social responsibility seriously.  Products filled and packaged in these workshops bear the logo: “Filled in workshops for people with disabilities”.

Where our products are fully manufactured in these workshops, from the cut to the finished product, they bear the logo “Manufactured in workshops for people with disabilities”.