Our workshops for handicapped people

Short transportation routes and regional production are very important to us. For this reason, we work in close cooperation with local workshops for people with disabilities. A large proportion of our warming products are produced or filled there – e.g. our 22 x 24 cm cherry stone pillow, which is manufactured entirely in these workshops, from raw materials to the finished product. The production of the various warming products is an important assignment for our partners.

The work is complex and varied, and offers the employees the opportunity to achieve something, and to create something unique. From sewing, to filling with natural material, to stitching up and ultimately packaging the finished items, the production line offers a range of tasks for employees, and allows disabled workers to have rewarding jobs.


We are delighted that, through our products, we have been able to help the German production line – as well as facilities such as workshops for less able-bodied people – for over 20 years.