Organic Baby Impressions

For permanent hand and/or foot prints

In the first few months babies grow very quickly and before you know it your little treasure has turned into a young adult. With the organic baby impression kit you can create a cast of your little treasure’s hand and/or foot print to keep as an unforgettable memento. Our casting clay is made from organically grown German potato starch and has been tested by an independent test institute for the safety of your child. The casting clay meets the requirements of EN 71 (toy safety standard). The casting clay is made entirely in Germany. Our accessories are made from renewable, organically certified and controlled materials. The casts make ideal memorable and personalised gifts to mark a birth.

Casting clay and accessories

We tell you what’s inside! The most important component of our innovative baby casting clay is potato starch organically grown in Germany. In contrast to most products on the market we declare all our ingredients and we are all for full transparency. The casting clay smells pleasant and not at all of solvents. Our casting clay meets the requirements of EN 71-3 and EN 71-9 (toy safety standards) and have been tested by an independent testing institute. It comes in attractive packaging with a practical opening mechanism to enable you to view the content without damaging the packaging!

  • Made from organically grown German potato starch
  • Naturally white without the use of whitener
  • Air-drying
  • 150 g per tin

  • 100 % home-grown wood

  • Made from organic plastic
  • Free from phthalates, formaldehyde, bisphenol A
  • 94 % renewable raw materials (sugar cane)
  • Size: approx. 11 x 13 cm
  • Two modern designs
  • 100 % cotton
  • Length: approx. 40 cm each