Warming Cuddly Neck Pillows

Neck pillow with heatable rapeseed pillow for comfortable warm treatments

The Warming Cuddly Neck Pillow provides a quick and easy heat application for pain and tension in the shoulder and neck area. The size and weight of the pillow are designed to provide pleasant warmth in the neck area for both children and adults. Thus, it is a perfect gift for the whole family, for small and large, young and old. The inner pillow is made of 100% cotton and filled with rapeseed. The removable inner pillow makes it easy to wash the cover. Because of the possible allergenic effect, our neck pillows do not contain allergy-causing herbs and fragrances.


  • Comfortable warmth for neck tensions
  • With removable internal pillow and washable cover
  • Without the addition of allergenic herbs or fragrances
  • Size: approx. 32 x 27 cm
  • Filling: rape seeds
  • Medical device
  • Filled in workshops for handicapped people