Cuddle animal with heatable inner pillow

The GRÜNSPECHT Warming Cuddle Toys invite you to cuddle and love them with their long fluffy fur and their lovingly designed manner. As a playmate or comforter for little aches and pains – the warmth cuddly toys are versatile. They provide soothing warmth for stomach aches/cramps, constipation, flatulence, colds, cold feet or just to cuddle. Due to the versatile sizes and shapes, the Warming Cuddle Toys are a perfect gift for the whole family, for small and large, young and old. The inner cushion is made of 100% cotton. Due to the removable inner cushion, the cover can be easily washed. Because of the possible allergenic effect, our Warming Cuddle Toys do not contain allergy-causing herbs and fragrances.

With removable inner pillow and washable cover

The toy safety guidelines (2009/48/EG) require textile toys to be washable “so that risks of infection, illness and contamination are avoided”. Our inner pillows can be removed so the cover can be washed.

Without allergenic herbs/fragrances

The central offi ce of the federal states for safety in Germany (ZLS, document EK2/22-01) sees a fundamental danger in scented pillows. Due to the possible allergenic effect, the cuddle animal should not contain any fragrances. For our inner pillows we only use cherry stones, rape seeds and cotton which have been tested regularly by recognised, independent testing institutes.

Our Warming Cuddle Toys are available in three different designs: rabbit, bear and sheep

Our designs are available in three different sizes: baby, mum and dad

  • Baby: ca. 18 cm high, outstretched ca. 25 cm long
  • Mum: ca. 25 cm high, outstretched ca. 34 cm long
  • Dad: ca. 30 cm high, outstretched ca. 44 cm long

Choose between classic cherry stones or fine rape seeds